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Minor Update For Video Plugin

David from the MSN SoapBox team informed me that there has been an update to the Flash player for the Video Service. This update has also meant a change to the URL for it, this minor update reflects that change.

Download: here.



More Praise For My Guide

The guys at Coding4Fun on the MSDN website have recently posted about my guide, recommending people to go and read it if interested in creating a plugin for Live Writer.

Check out the article here:



Important Update For Video Plugin

It has been noted that when using Live Writer to blog on Live Spaces, sometimes images would get overwritten and weird things would start happening on your Space, images from previous blogs would appear in new blogs. This also seemed to be happening when using my plugin . I would just like to set the record straight before I go further, this is not a problem with my plugin, but more how Live Writer handles the publishing of the images to Live Spaces.

Usually, we [Live Writer] force the upload path to be unique (using the post title as a uniqueness index.  Unfortunately, there is a bug in our Spaces file uploader that doesn’t include this uniqueness information, so if a plugin uploads images with the same name, it will overwrite the file in the photo album.

Whilst this bug will be fixed in the next version, it meant I had a minor change to do with my Video plugin, so I’m advising everyone to use version instead of Of course, if you don’t use Live Spaces as your blogging mechanism, then this update will not affect you in the slightest and you do not need to update.

Download: here.


Whilst writing this, I was listening to RepublicaReady To Go.