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Facebook, Popfly, and Acquiring Your Key

Microsoft recently introduced Popfly, which is a site built on Silverlight and allows for the easy creation of web mashups and web pages. Even more recently, it was announced that Microsoft and Facebook had joined teams and were going to try and make it easier for a budding developer to build something around the facebook developer platform. One of these ways was through Popfly. But you need to create yourself an application on facebook and get the relevant codes to put into Popfly to allow you access to the platform. Not a problem, the Popfly website offers a video that can be downloaded that gives you instructions on how to get your key. The only trouble is, a few hours after this video was made, facebook changed the layout for creating a new application key on their website.

So, I will now give you some more up-to-date instructions

First off, the page you need to go to initially is now, this will give you the following inputs:

In the video, all you do is put your Application name in, agree to the TOS and click submit, unfortunately, doing this now makes it very confusing to follow the rest of the instructions in the video, so we have to actually go into the Optional Fields and make one change:

By default, new applications are set to use FBML, but for the instructions on Popfly to hold up, you need to set it to use an iframe, then carry on as the video instructs.

I should note that Popfly at the moment is on an invitation basis only at the moment, and no, I don’t have any invites, yet.




Now You Can Autoplay

I have updated my Video Plugin to include a new option, and as you can probably tell from the title of this post, it is the ability to set the video to autoplay when your blog loads. The option can, like most others, be set as a default option, or in the main window when putting your video link in:

Version can be downloaded from the Windows Live Gallery page.

Oh yeah, please use this feature wisely, otherwise it could annoy people who visit your blog, don’t have multiple videos all set to autoplay!