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My First Podcast Is Up

I was at MixUK 07 a couple of weeks back and Craig Murphy had asked if he could interview me for a podcast, which was a strange experience, especially as we [LiveSide] had been trying to establish one or two interviews for me to do with me being the interviewer; so for me to be asked to be interviewed… It was strange.

Anyway, if you would like to listen to my first ever podcast (with me as the interviewee), then head on over to Craig’s blog. We talk about Windows Live Writer, plugin development, Windows Live as a whole, and how I had found Mix up to that point. You even get to find out where ScottIsAFool comes from

And while I’m talking about podcasts, my first one for LiveSide went up after MixUK too, check it out here: Windows Live Platform- Interview With Danny Thorpe and Angus Logan.


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Live Writer Backup Utility Version 2.0

I updated my backup utility last night to be fully compatible with beta 3 of Windows Live Writer. Although I’ve changed the version to 2.0, the only thing that has really changed is what happens "under the hood", so the UI and features are still the same. So what’s been fixed?

  • Well the main things that have been sorted are the new directory path for Live Writer.
  • If you had beta 2 and upgraded to beta 3, the plugins stayed in the beta 2 plugins folder, doing a backup now will put them all into the one folder when you restore.
  • Older backup files (pre-beta 3), will still work. If you had settings from beta 2 backed up, they will get migrated across for beta 3.
  • If a plugin developer chooses to use the PluginAssemblies method of deployment (like me), those plugins and associated files will get backed up and restored OK.

Some things to note:

  • If you’re running this on Vista and you have UAC turned on, you will need to run this as administrator, or you will be asked to accept/deny.
  • It is recommended that if you do have an older backup and your settings haven’t really changed to make a new backup using the newer utility.

Due to a bug with the original beta of Writer and Spaces, some of the screenshots got a little, err, buggered, so I will now just provide some newer screenshots.

Please don’t forget that you can also schedule backups, see my instructions on how to do this.

I have also changed the download location for the file. As I’m having issues with my host (they’re being tw*ts basically), I have moved the download location of the file to somewhere less likely to cause a fuss, SkyDrive. Unfortunately this means I’ll lose out on knowing how many times it gets download etc, but hey ho.

Download the MSI:



Insert Video V4 Suggestions

Ok, the implementation of translations is all but done now (see screenshot), but I want to know what features you would like to see in the next version. Answers on a postcard to (or leave a comment).



A Quick Note About WLWBackup

I haven’t updated this for beta 3 of Live Writer, so currently it may not back up all the settings or plugins (posts should be fine though). I will be doing an update to this very soon, so keep posted. The link for the download will also be changing soon and I will be putting it on my SkyDrive area.


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Woohoo! Top of the League

Anyone who reads my personal blog will know I’m a big Coventry City football fan. Well yesterday we won again and are still top of the league. How cool. But what does this have to do with developing? Well, I topped another "league" today. My video plugin is now the most downloaded Writer plugin on Windows Live Gallery

Thanks to all those who have downloaded and left me feedback and suggestions to make it better.

Just a note about v4 of the plugin. It is still my intention to release a new version, although its development has taken a bit of a back burner as I’ve been working on other plugins. As a kind of apology, I will be putting out a new v3 update (yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to) that will include a few more video sites.


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Windows Live Search Image Plugin

I was having a play with the Windows Live Search APIs for a post on Liveside and thought of making a Windows Live Search plugin for Writer, so I went ahead and made a quick prototype application (which is what I normally do), then I remembered (and got reminded twice) about a Live Search plugin from Mike Taulty from last year. So I figured there was no point doing that again. Then I saw that the APIs allowed for doing an image search, and I knew I hadn’t seen one of those, so I quickly changed focus.

And so I came up with this:

Doing a search will give you the following:

You then have the choice of linking to the original source image and whether to open in a new window. The plugin itself also comes with an options window where you can set some of the defaults:

Now, a couple of things. I’ll be honest, Live Search for images isn’t the best, I did look at including Google image search as well, but unfortunately they seem to have taken their SOAP service off for new projects, which sucks. Some searches might not return any results when you would expect them to, this isn’t my plugin, it’s Live Search. Another thing, I’m not entirely convinced with the SafeSearch settings for the Live Search APIs: I can do a search on the website with the SafeSearch turned off and find things, but using the APIs, it can return nothing. I’m going to investigate that a bit further with the relevant people. In the meantime, enjoy the plugin. Source code available. With the source code, I have included the two prototype applications I made while building the plugin.

Source Code:


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A Thanks for a Thanks

Just wanna say thanks to the Live Writer team for this post: Thank you scottisafool.

"Scott is also a big contributor to our Writer forums, where he and Joe Cheng battle to see who can help our users faster. As a developer on Writer, Joe tends to have the edge because he actually writes the product, but Scott is always quick to catch on if the question comes up again."

What can I say? When a product is actually good, it’s worth helping out on, and Windows Live Writer is definitely worth helping out with. I look forward to seeing future updates, both to the Writer program and to the APIs .

Oh, keep your eyes peeled for a new plugin that I’ll be announcing in the next few days (it’s finished, just waiting for Gallery approval).


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