Live Writer Backup Utility Version 2.0

I updated my backup utility last night to be fully compatible with beta 3 of Windows Live Writer. Although I’ve changed the version to 2.0, the only thing that has really changed is what happens "under the hood", so the UI and features are still the same. So what’s been fixed?

  • Well the main things that have been sorted are the new directory path for Live Writer.
  • If you had beta 2 and upgraded to beta 3, the plugins stayed in the beta 2 plugins folder, doing a backup now will put them all into the one folder when you restore.
  • Older backup files (pre-beta 3), will still work. If you had settings from beta 2 backed up, they will get migrated across for beta 3.
  • If a plugin developer chooses to use the PluginAssemblies method of deployment (like me), those plugins and associated files will get backed up and restored OK.

Some things to note:

  • If you’re running this on Vista and you have UAC turned on, you will need to run this as administrator, or you will be asked to accept/deny.
  • It is recommended that if you do have an older backup and your settings haven’t really changed to make a new backup using the newer utility.

Due to a bug with the original beta of Writer and Spaces, some of the screenshots got a little, err, buggered, so I will now just provide some newer screenshots.

Please don’t forget that you can also schedule backups, see my instructions on how to do this.

I have also changed the download location for the file. As I’m having issues with my host (they’re being tw*ts basically), I have moved the download location of the file to somewhere less likely to cause a fuss, SkyDrive. Unfortunately this means I’ll lose out on knowing how many times it gets download etc, but hey ho.

Download the MSI:


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