My First Podcast Is Up

I was at MixUK 07 a couple of weeks back and Craig Murphy had asked if he could interview me for a podcast, which was a strange experience, especially as we [LiveSide] had been trying to establish one or two interviews for me to do with me being the interviewer; so for me to be asked to be interviewed… It was strange.

Anyway, if you would like to listen to my first ever podcast (with me as the interviewee), then head on over to Craig’s blog. We talk about Windows Live Writer, plugin development, Windows Live as a whole, and how I had found Mix up to that point. You even get to find out where ScottIsAFool comes from

And while I’m talking about podcasts, my first one for LiveSide went up after MixUK too, check it out here: Windows Live Platform- Interview With Danny Thorpe and Angus Logan.


Whilst writing this I was listening to Foo FightersBest Of You

  1. #1 by Craig on September 23, 2007 - 10:58 pm

    Scott\’s podcast is over here.
    Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but there\’s another Danny Thorpe podcast over here too!

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