Help Required

Ok, I signed off on my first alpha release of version 4 of my Video plugin the other day, it was a nice feeling . Now I need some help. One of the biggest changes to this version is the inclusion of multilingual support, but for that to happen, I need people to help me translate. At the moment, the languages I have available are English (duh), Dutch, German and Italian. Now, when this plugin [finally] ships, I’d like to have French and Spanish ship as default languages with the plugin, but I need a good volunteer to do these translations.

If you think that person is you, please email me at wlm[at] and put "Translate Me" as the subject.

Now, the second thing I want help with is regarding what else to include in the plugin. Now, I already put out a request for suggestions for the plugin, but I would just like to reiterate that request, and this is suggestions for features for the plugin as well as video sites to include. These should either be left as comments on here or emailed to the above address with "Feature Request" as the subject.

I look forward to hearing from you


Whilst writing this I was listening to QueenSomebody To Love

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