Windows Live Gallery: What The F***??

Update: I think I have worked out what the problem is now. I can’t really go into it in any great detail at the moment (and no, I didn’t f*** up) but suffice it to say, it’s not Live Gallery’s fault.

I submitted five of my plugins for resubmission to Windows Live Gallery, the changes that I made were concerning PluginHttpRequest. I got emailed about all 5 of them yesterday to say that none of them were approved . What the f***? Even more confusing was what the emails said:

"Your item appears to be either missing a valid signature or a valid certificate. You may also want to check the signature to make sure that it includes the date. Go to the FAQ section to see what the rejection codes mean and what the next steps are. "

Ok, so I went to their FAQ section to see what it said:

"Missing valid signature:
Your Windows Vista gadget doesn’t have a valid (The publisher of a file has been verified and the file doesn’t appear to have changed since it was digitally signed.) certificate or a valid digital signature (A way of digitally marking a message with the sender’s identity for purposes of verification. A digital signature may be bundled with any message, file, or other digitally encoded information, or transmitted separately.) associated with it."

What the f***? My Windows Vista gadget? I submitted Writer plugins!! Not gadgets! I think I’ll be emailing the Gallery guys about this, and gonna be annoyed if I have to resubmit all the modified plugins again!!


Whilst writing this I was listening to AerosmithShame On You

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