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Plugin Updates

As I mentioned in my entry about PluginHttpRequest, I have updated all my plugins that use HttpWebRequest to use PluginHttpRequest instead. These have all been updated and uploaded (eventually) to the Windows Live Gallery. This new set of plugins also includes an update to my Video Plugin; not only does it now use PluginHttpRequest, but I have fixed the Soapbox linking problem that came with the Soapbox/MSN Video update.

So, here is the complete list of plugins that have changed:

Enjoy. Please keep feedback coming in, either left as a comment on here, or emailed to me at wlm[at]


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New Windows Live Writer Version

A little earlier than scheduled (that schedule being tonight), we [Liveside] and have discovered that the new set of programs are available for download. Using the new Windows Live Installer, you can upgrade your Windows Live programs to the final versions, including Windows Live Writer:

I spent ages jumping through hoops though trying to get the new programs to install, but it kept installing the older versions. I followed the support article but to no avail, in the end, I reset my router, and bingo, got the new programs. So if you keep getting the old programs, try resetting your internet connection.

I don’t believe there is anything new in this version other than bug fixes (which I will try and find out), but I would recommend to be on the latest version.


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