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CS 2008 + IE8 + Windows Live Writer CTP = Fail!

Some of us on Liveside have been having issues using Windows Live Writer CTP when opening some of our previous posts (or any drafts we have saved). The problem is that the post starts to open in Writer, then just dies. Completely. No error, no warning, nothing. We couldn’t work out what had changed, but after Sunshine had spoken with Joe Cheng they established that problem was being caused by Internet Explorer 8 when the posts had images in them. However, I wasn’t as easily convinced, since I could open posts from this blog and my personal blog just fine, which made me think it’s something specific to Liveside.

Now, the difference between my blogs and Liveside is that we now use Community Server 2008 and my blogs use Live Spaces, so I fired up one of my test CS 2008 blogs on my machine, and tried the same thing: created a post for that blog with an image in it, then save it as a draft; close writer then reopen and try and open that draft. Sure enough, Writer just closed. So it seems it’s not something specific to Liveside, but something specific to how IE8 renders the CS code that Writer is using.

Now, the good thing is, that at the moment, the workaround for this is to turn off editing with theme, so before you open a post with images for your CS 2008 post, click on View > Edit Using Theme (or just make sure it’s not ticked). Doing that disables all the CS code and opens your post just fine.

I’m going to try and pass this to the relevant channels: The Writer Team, the IE Team and Telligent. Hopefully between them, they can sort it out. In the meantime, well, there’s the workaround for it.


Whilst writing this, I was listening to John WilliamsIn The Devil’s Snare & The Flying Keys