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Twitteriser Plugin

Something that @NicoleSimon requested in a tweet and something that I’m sure many of you will use (if you use twitter that is). This plugin will convert @names into links to their twitter page, so for example @scottisafool will like to Just type your blog post as you would normally, the changes are done when you hit publish. There is an automatic option so you don’t have to say yes everytime, but it’s all pretty useful 🙂 I’m sure hardcore blogger+twitter users like @stevecla and @jangles will probably like it 🙂

The plugin can be downloaded from Just drop both files into your plugins folder.


PS, sorry about the delay with this post, I’ve been having Writer/Spaces issues for the last couple of weeks. Gave up trying in Writer, so have posted this manually.


Live Writer Backup And XP Service Pack 3

Through the feedback I’ve been getting recently and a bit of investigation, I have discovered that my Live Writer Backup tool does not backup settings when it’s run on XP Service Pack 3. I’m not quite sure why as the way I get the settings can be done manually, but whatever. I will be addressing this and I’ll update on here as soon as I have done, but for now, I apologise but you can’t back up on XPSP3.

I’m also aware of some issues with x64 OSs, however, I’m having problems tracking down this problem as I’ve done it on both my Vista x64 and Win7 x64 machine and I can’t get the same issues. I think it has something to do with the version of cablib.dll, but I’ve given the x64 version of that dll to people and it’s not made a difference, so go figure. I’ll try and get to the bottom of that one too though.


Whilst writing this, I was listening to Scissor SistersThe Skins


Live Framework Token Giveaway

For those that don’t know, the Live Framework was announced at PDC back in October and is part of the Windows Live Platform. At the moment, you can only actually develop using the LiveFX if you have been given a token, which you then have to redeem at

So what does the LiveFX offer you? Well, at the moment, it allows you to access the contacts of a user as well as their Mesh objects (yes, this is what you need if you wish to create any MeshApps). I’ve written a few articles on LiveSide just giving some brief examples of code using the LiveFX (links below), but there are many more on the web that you can easily find.

A “Quick And Dirty” Console Application Using The LiveFX
A “Quick And Dirty” Live Mesh Silverlight Application
LiveFX + Windows Live ID Client SDK = Safer Program

And the best bit is, now you can run the Live Mesh client and the LiveFX Client simultaneously!

So what do you need to get one of these tokens? Well, as twitter seems to be the Internet medium of choice at the moment, you have to do is complete the following sentence: “If I had a LiveFX token I would…” and put what you would use the LiveFX token for. For your tweet, you don’t need to include my part of the sentence, just put what you would do with the token and put #livefxtoken at the end. So for example, “Build a Mesh enabled rocket ship #livefxtoken”. It’s as simple as that. I will see those tweets and make a decision on which one I think would be the coolest to do (or makes me laugh the most, whichever).

You have until 7pm GMT on 5th Feb to enter.