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Clipboard Image Plugin

I often see a lot of requests for how to change the image filename of an image you have pasted straight into Writer, like a screenshot for example. Currently there is no way within Writer of changing this filename, so you will always end up with “image[x].png” in your blog posts.

Well, I have now made a plugin (that will sadly only work with the current beta version) that will allow you to insert the clipboard image (ie, your screenshot) and give it a meaningful name.

The picture on the left is the initial screenshot I took for the example. The picture on the left is a screenshot showing the filename. To do this, once you have taken your screenshot, just go into Writer and click on Insert Clipboard Image, you will then be prompted by the following screen:

Here you can choose what name you wish to give the file, and what format (the choices are jpg or png). You can also set what the default image format will be from the options:

I will be making the source code available at some point, but I’m feeling particularly lazy today, so that will have to wait. In the meantime, you can download the plugin from Windows Live Gallery.


Whilst writing this, I was listening to TravisCloser