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TweetMeme Follow Button Plugin For Live Writer

Hot on the heels of the TweetMeme WordPress plugin, I’ve also done one for the TweetMeme Follow Button. Again, this works the same way as the Retweet Button. A few options which are all clear:

All in all, a job well done (I hope).

Download from Live Gallery as usual. Feedback as always to my twitter, @scottisafool.

NOTE: Please note, this plugin will not work if you try publishing to a site where javascript is stripped at publish time. Prime example,


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TweetMeme + + Live Writer = My New Plugin blogs don’t let you submit any javascript, which means that my TweetMeme Plugin doesn’t work because the javascript is stripped. Well, I found out that WordPress have actually implemented a tag that can be put in a blog post, kind of like the Youtube tag. And just like the Youtube tag, I have created a plugin that works in the same way as the normal TweetMeme plugin, but just puts the WordPress tag in. The options are pretty similar with some slight differences:

The plugin can be downloaded from Live Gallery. Feedback as always to my twitter, @scottisafool.

Download here.

Speaking of the original TweetMeme plugin, I have made a slight update to that which allows you to now put in Hashtags. This can be downloaded as usual from Live Gallery. You insert them via the options window:


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