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WLWBackup Release Candidate

I’m very pleased to announce the public Release Candidate of WLWBackup. This new version has been completely rewritten from the ground up, after a couple of problems were found with x64 systems and XP SP3 systems.

All the relevant information regarding the program, including usage, can be found on the codeplex site for it. Feedback should also be left on the codeplex site in the relevant sections.



Live Writer Backup And XP Service Pack 3

Through the feedback I’ve been getting recently and a bit of investigation, I have discovered that my Live Writer Backup tool does not backup settings when it’s run on XP Service Pack 3. I’m not quite sure why as the way I get the settings can be done manually, but whatever. I will be addressing this and I’ll update on here as soon as I have done, but for now, I apologise but you can’t back up on XPSP3.

I’m also aware of some issues with x64 OSs, however, I’m having problems tracking down this problem as I’ve done it on both my Vista x64 and Win7 x64 machine and I can’t get the same issues. I think it has something to do with the version of cablib.dll, but I’ve given the x64 version of that dll to people and it’s not made a difference, so go figure. I’ll try and get to the bottom of that one too though.


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“World’s Biggest Backup Button”

Love it:

"all you really need to do is click the world’s biggest Backup button"

Nice little review of my backup utility over at the How-To-Geek blog.



Live Writer Backup Utility Version 2.0

I updated my backup utility last night to be fully compatible with beta 3 of Windows Live Writer. Although I’ve changed the version to 2.0, the only thing that has really changed is what happens "under the hood", so the UI and features are still the same. So what’s been fixed?

  • Well the main things that have been sorted are the new directory path for Live Writer.
  • If you had beta 2 and upgraded to beta 3, the plugins stayed in the beta 2 plugins folder, doing a backup now will put them all into the one folder when you restore.
  • Older backup files (pre-beta 3), will still work. If you had settings from beta 2 backed up, they will get migrated across for beta 3.
  • If a plugin developer chooses to use the PluginAssemblies method of deployment (like me), those plugins and associated files will get backed up and restored OK.

Some things to note:

  • If you’re running this on Vista and you have UAC turned on, you will need to run this as administrator, or you will be asked to accept/deny.
  • It is recommended that if you do have an older backup and your settings haven’t really changed to make a new backup using the newer utility.

Due to a bug with the original beta of Writer and Spaces, some of the screenshots got a little, err, buggered, so I will now just provide some newer screenshots.

Please don’t forget that you can also schedule backups, see my instructions on how to do this.

I have also changed the download location for the file. As I’m having issues with my host (they’re being tw*ts basically), I have moved the download location of the file to somewhere less likely to cause a fuss, SkyDrive. Unfortunately this means I’ll lose out on knowing how many times it gets download etc, but hey ho.

Download the MSI:



I Command You! Use My Backup Utility.

One of my intentions for my Live Writer Backup Utility was to make it accessible from the Command Line. The reason for this is to make it so that you can schedule a backup to take place without any user intervention (using Windows Scheduler or similar). So this weekend (well, last night), I sat down and started putting in the command line options that would need to be included for all this to work. Which is what I’ve done . It’s not the only thing that I’ve changed for this release (v1.1), but I’ll come back to that in a bit.

So, what options are we looking at with the command line? Well for a start, typing LiveWriterBackup.exe /? will bring up what options are available, plus a couple of examples:

If you know how to use command line parameters then this should all seem quite clear and obvious to you. What I’ll do now is just quickly show you how this can be handy, and I’ll use the Task Scheduler in Windows Vista to demonstrate.

Fig1: Name your task and give it a description Fig2: Select the frequency of the back up

Fig3: Set which day(s) to run your task and the time Fig4: Tell the scheduler what you want to do (run a program)

Fig5: Select the backup program and put in the Fig6: Confirm the scheduled task
command line options you require.

So now we can see that this is going to create a backup file every week. These can all be changed as needed of course.

Now, I mentioned more things to expect with this release, and there are. I have made (as shoddy as they are) some new icons for the program (using the excellent Microangelo icon studio), one for the program itself and one for the wlwbackup files:

This just makes things nicer in your Windows Explorer window. Now, here’s the cool thing: before, if you wanted to do a restore from a backup file, you had to run the program, select the file and off you go. Well, I’ve made things even simpler now . Now all you need to do is simply double click the file and it will do the restore straight away (once you’ve acknowledged that you want it to happen). You can still do a restore the old way, but you don’t just have that option anymore .

Windows Live Writer Backup and Windows Vista

Now, through testing with Vista, we have two different scenarios for this program, one with UAC turned on, and one with it off. I already mentioned that when running the backup program to do a backup of the settings you might need to run it as Administrator if you have UAC turned on. This shouldn’t apply if you’re doing it from the command line through scheduler, but if you do have problems, let me know.

Anyway, I now want to talk to you about the installer program and Vista UAC. It has been noted with a couple of people that they have had issues when trying to install it because they couldn’t get the necessary privileges, this is because with an msi file, you can’t right click and run as administrator. So because of this I’m changing my deployment method. Instead of downloading just the msi file, you now download a zip file that contains the msi file and an accompanying exe file. The exe file can be right clicked and have the run as administrator option, and will then run the msi with the correct privileges.

Wow, long entry . Any way, enjoy the new version. Oh, by the way, I’m thinking of making a minisite for this program, the html side of things I can do, but if anyone would like to help with the images, please email me at wlm[at]

Download: here.


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Windows Live Writer Backup Utility [Updated]

Update: Version 1.0.1 released. Backing up your Blog settings now includes the blog templates so you don’t need to download your blog styles now either. Download link is same as before.

Someone in the Live Writer MSN Groups asked the question about moving his blog settings from one PC to another new PC, and what needed to be brought across. Joe Cheng (MSFT) replied that he only needed to make a backup of a registry key in the Windows registry, which is all very well and good, but what about the average user, should they really be faffing about in the Windows registry? I didn’t think so either. So I set out to create a backup tool that will do that for the user, and while it’s at it, backup other Live Writer things too, like posts, and plugins.

And so the Windows Live Writer Backup Utility was born:

As you can see, you have the option to back up the blog settings (so if you have multiple blogs or FTP settings configured, for example, you can take all those blog settings to another PC), Draft blogs, Recent blogs, and the Plugins that you have installed. Usage of this program is simple enough, select what you want to backup, and hit the backup button. This will then ask you where you want to save your backup file to, this will create a *.wlwbackup file: this holds all the data for the parts you selected:

To restore, just run the Utility up, click Restore and point to the previously made wlwbackup file and off you go. It’s as easy as that. One warning though when restoring, this will get rid of all settings, blog entries and plugins that are currently on the PC you’re restoring to (It will only replace what is in the backup file, so for example if you didn’t backup plugins, they wouldn’t get replaced). There is a warning before you restore though, just to remind you:

Some important notes: If you are using Windows Vista and you have UAC turned on then it has been noted that you might need to run the application with elevated privileges if you are planning to backup the Blog settings. To do this, right click on the shortcut/executable and click Run as administrator:

Hope this helps everyone out. Any problems, leave a comment here or email me at wlm[at]

Download link: