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What The…?

I just went to check something in the source code of one of my Live Writer projects, so I went to CodePlex, and on the front page I saw this:

Notice the second one!

I didn’t even realise I’d put the installer up for download on CodePlex, I thought it was on Live Gallery only. Anyway, so I went to the release page to see how many downloads and was literally gobsmacked!


That’s almost 4 times as many downloads as my video plugin! So this makes it officially my most popular plugin, and possibly the most popular plugin, period! Wow!


Whilst writing this I was listening to Lenny KravitzLittle Girl’s Eyes



Google Bersetzer Steckbar

Hopefully, the title of this post is correct (it’s German, allegedly, for Google Translator Plugin), which should give an indication of what this latest plugin is about. Thanks to shahpuyush’s¬†post, I discovered an unofficial API for Google’s translator service, so I figured, hey, why not make a plugin for it. So I did:

Usage is easy, put your text in the top box, select your translation, and click translate. You’ll see the translated text in the bottom box, if you’re happy with the translation, click insert and it will put that translated text into your blog entry.

I have decided to make this little plugin OpenSource, and so is available on CodePlex, along with a download for the installer. The installer will be put on Live Gallery, I’m just waiting for it to be approved.