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Two Updates to Plugins

As you may or may not be aware, Windows Live Writer got updated on Wednesday, but rather than go through the changes here and repeat myself, I’ll simply link back to my post on Liveside. There have been some new APIs released for Writer, but they specifically relate to blog providers and how to get their blog working with some of the features within Writer; nothing has changed with the Plugin APIs though. Or has it? Whilst nothing new has been added, there is one specific thing that has been turned on in the APIs, I’m not going to spoil the surprise as I will be talking about it in my post on Liveside next week.

Anyway, enough of that. The two plugins that have received changes this time around are my Video Plugin (shocker), and rather more surprisingly, the I’m Feeling Lucky Plugin. The Video Plugin now has a margins option in the same way as when you put an image in your blog entry:

Now for the really cool change that I’ve made to the Google I’m Feeling Lucky Plugin ┬áBefore, if you clicked on the Insert I’m Feeling Lucky link, you got the little window where you could put all your search details in. Well now, if you highlight some text in the editor, then click the I’m Feeling Lucky link, the highlighted text will automatically get made into an I’m Feeling Lucky link! How cool is that! If you don’t have any text highlighted, you will get the same window you used to get. This can be turned off though, so just go to the options and change it:

So there you have the new changes. One final thing, my Video Plugin is now the second most downloaded Plugin off the Gallery website ┬áThe only thing ahead of it is the Blog This for Firefox (which is an MS plugin, so really I don’t think it should count )

Download links:
Video Plugin
I’m Feeling Lucky Plugin