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Couple Of Plugin Updates

Two new plugins, and so two new updates There was a slight bug with the IMMe plugin when getting a CID from someone’s site, but that is now fixed, so hopefully shouldn’t be any problems with that now.

The other update is to the Wikipedia plugin. Stephan from Live Writer Blog said that it doesn’t allow you to insert a wikipedia link for another language. So I have now changed that:

And in the options you can set the default language:

Both plugins are still available on Live Gallery

Wikipedia Plugin:
IMMe Plugin:


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Plugin Updates

As I mentioned in my entry about PluginHttpRequest, I have updated all my plugins that use HttpWebRequest to use PluginHttpRequest instead. These have all been updated and uploaded (eventually) to the Windows Live Gallery. This new set of plugins also includes an update to my Video Plugin; not only does it now use PluginHttpRequest, but I have fixed the Soapbox linking problem that came with the Soapbox/MSN Video update.

So, here is the complete list of plugins that have changed:

Enjoy. Please keep feedback coming in, either left as a comment on here, or emailed to me at wlm[at]


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Opening Up My Plugins

I made a decision today. I decided that I was going to open up my plugins to the world; well, most of them. Out of my 10 plugins that I have, I have put 7 of them on CodePlex and made them opensource. So what three didn’t I put on there? Well, my Video plugin, my Emoticon plugin and my Feed Reader plugin. Now the first two that I haven’t included some of you can probably guess why I didn’t open them up (as well as maybe be a little disappointed, sorry), but what reason do I have for not putting the Feed Reader plugin on CodePlex? Simple: I lost the source code for the released version . I had most of my source code backed up, and I started working on v2 of the feed reader plugin and unfortunately, my backup got lost (thanks X-Drive), so the only source code I have for it is the very incomplete and changed v2 source. So for that, I apologise (and curse X-Drive) again.

So, what ones are up there then? Well the Live Spaces Photo one and the Google Translator were already on there, but here’s the complete list:

So enjoy . One thing I do ask though, if you do modify any of the plugins, please, let me know, I’d love to see what you thought of adding/changing, and if you do release anything based off my plugins, please link back to this blog. Also, if you wish to contribute to the plugins, please email me at wlm[at] with your username on CodePlex and I shall add you to the project you requested.

I also want to apologise by the way for the lack of comments and general untidyness of the code…


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