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Insert SkyDrive Plugin Updated

I have now updated my SkyDrive plugin to include some of the parts of the SkyDrive viewer. So what does the plugin now look like? Well, this:


So you can still put the link in as normal if you want, but now you can just sign into the plugin using your Windows Live ID and then browse your own public files and folders and select what file/folder you want to embed. So once you have signed in, click on the Show Files and Folders button, which will load your public files and folders:

Then just select the file you want to insert and click select, then it’s the same as before.

Now, because this uses the WLID SDK, there are certain files that the plugin requires, one of these files Windows Live Writer already uses (msidclr40.dll), but is a much older version and my plugin won’t use this. So I had to try and work out what to do, and after discussing it with the Writer guys, they told me they would prefer it if my installer didn’t overwrite their version of the file. So with the help of Joe Cheng we have got round this by using an exe file in addition to the plugin dll. All of this won’t even be noticed by the end user, but I felt I should point this out for those who have been looking at the souce code on CodePlex (which has now been updated).

Source code:




Another New Plugin: Insert SkyDrive Embed Code

This last week saw Windows Live SkyDrive get released into open beta, changing its name from Windows Live Folders to its new incarnation. With it came a lot of new features; one of these was the ability to embed a link to a file or folder in your blog post or website. So I figured a plugin could be useful here for Windows Live Writer to give an easier way of embedding that code.

For this plugin, I decided that I would write it using Visual Studio 2008, so this is my first plugin to come straight from Microsoft’s new IDE, and with it came a couple of teething problems with the installer which are now resolved. So how does this plugin work? Well, you take the address of what you want to embed and put it straight into the plugin:

Choose how you want it to appear on your blog page and you’re set. Now, you might have noticed the Use iFrame option, this is for blog providers who do not allow the <iframe> tag within blog posts: if your blog doesn’t allow it, then uncheck it and it will put different code in, but will basically give you the same results.

As with my other plugins, I have also put this on CodePlex.

Download link:
Source code: