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SkyDrive Viewer

I decided at the backend of last week that it would be cool to have a play around with the Windows Live ID SDK for the client applications, the main reason for thinking this was seeing the format of the SkyDrive links, they start with http://cid- and then have the user’s CID code after it. So I checked to see if the cid was given as a property in the Windows Live ID SDK. It was. So with that in mind I began to wonder what I could actually do with that. In the end, I thought of doing a little application that allows you to log in using your Windows Live ID, then gets you your own public files and folders on SkyDrive. Trouble with that is there are no APIs currently for SkyDrive, so I was going to have to rely on screenscraping.

And so, one weekend later, I have created my little reader, which also allows you to download the files that you can see listed. I guess you would like to see some screenshots

I’m quite pleased with this little app, it took a lot of frustrating hours to get it sorted. I bet you’re curious how I put it all together; well, if you are, then head on over to CodePlex, as I have put it up on there, along with the release download.

Any issues, please leave a comment or send me an email ( Oh, and stay tuned for an updated to my SkyDrive plugin for Windows Live Writer.

Source Code: