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Time for a change, the end of this incarnation

I have made the decision after a lot of grief to move my blog away from here and put it in a new home. My reasons for doing this included constant spam comments and no way of preventing them, and for an unexplained reason, I was actually unable to post to the blog for Live Writer. Imagine that.

Please make your way over to and be sure to update your bookmarks and rss feeds.



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TweetMeme Follow Button Plugin For Live Writer

Hot on the heels of the TweetMeme WordPress plugin, I’ve also done one for the TweetMeme Follow Button. Again, this works the same way as the Retweet Button. A few options which are all clear:

All in all, a job well done (I hope).

Download from Live Gallery as usual. Feedback as always to my twitter, @scottisafool.

NOTE: Please note, this plugin will not work if you try publishing to a site where javascript is stripped at publish time. Prime example,


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TweetMeme + + Live Writer = My New Plugin blogs don’t let you submit any javascript, which means that my TweetMeme Plugin doesn’t work because the javascript is stripped. Well, I found out that WordPress have actually implemented a tag that can be put in a blog post, kind of like the Youtube tag. And just like the Youtube tag, I have created a plugin that works in the same way as the normal TweetMeme plugin, but just puts the WordPress tag in. The options are pretty similar with some slight differences:

The plugin can be downloaded from Live Gallery. Feedback as always to my twitter, @scottisafool.

Download here.

Speaking of the original TweetMeme plugin, I have made a slight update to that which allows you to now put in Hashtags. This can be downloaded as usual from Live Gallery. You insert them via the options window:


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Creating ‘After the jump’ Summaries With Blogger In Live Writer

Google have recently added excerpts to Blogger, which Live Writer can deal with just fine. The only problem is Live Writer doesn’t know that Blogger supports this. Now, there are a couple of hacks you can do to enable the excerpt button for your Blogger account in Live Writer, but even then it doesn’t work 100% and still requires tweaking in the source view.

To combat this, I have written just a small plug-in for Live Writer that just makes it a one-click job. Just choose where you want to split the post, then click Blogger Excerpt:

This plug-in can be downloaded from my SkyDrive area and should be put in c:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins (or “Program Files (x86)” if on x64 systems).

Feedback: @scottisafool


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Delicious Notify Plugin

A lot of you might very well be using the Twitter Notify plugin to send your posts directly to twitter, which works rather well. However, I recently got asked by @Jas if I could do one similar to that but for, so, I did. It’s a publish time plugin (like the twitter notify one), and will send the url, the title, the first couple of sentences, and any categories (as tags) associated with the blog post, straight to your delicious account. It comes with some fairly simple options:

If you don’t have it sent to automatically post to delicious, then you will get asked every time you publish a post. Also, like the Twitter Notify plugin, this will not publish it to delicious if all you’re doing is publishing your post as a draft to your blog.

You can download it from Live Gallery as usual.


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TweetMeMe Plugin Updated

My TweetMeMe plugin has been updated and adds support for using alternative URL Shorteners as described in the Tweetmeme help site. You can change this option from Tools > Options > Plug-ins > Options (when Tweetmeme plugin selected). This gives you the following screen:

If you don’t want to use an alternative, you don’t have to do anything, this option is turned off by default. You might also want to use your own API key for a particular service, if this is supported by tweetmeme (see their page linked earlier), then you can put it in using the plug-in (and no, I don’t know why you can’t use your own key for

Anyway, the update can be downloaded from Live Gallery.


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Insert Bing Translation Plugin

Jas posted on the MVP Award blog about a new project that a fellow MVP has made called BingSharp which is a .NET wrapper for the Microsoft Bing APIs. When I looked at it, I thought “fantastic, I can [finally] do a Live/Bing translation plugin to go with the Google one I’ve already made.” And so that’s exactly what I’ve done:

Which gives you:

Übersetzen von all ihren text

The options there should be quite simple to figure out.

Download from Live Gallery.

NB You will need to have .net Framework 3.5 installed (this is due to the Bing wrapper).


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