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Latest Member of the Family

It was recently brought to my attention that if you blog using WordPress’s hosted service (, then you were unable to use my video plugin due to the fact that they strip out the embed code, so you have to use their own method of doing it, and worse still, they only support 3 video services: YouTube, Google Video¬†and DailyMotion. I had a long think about it, trying to work out if it was worth changing my current plugin to support this, and decided that it wasn’t. Due to you being able to put the embed code in, there are a lot of features that you simply can’t choose from my plugin. So I have decided to make another plugin, just for hosted WordPress blogs.

So I bring the latest member of the family: Insert Video Jnr

Usage is easy, you get the video link for the site and put it in, almost like its big brother, except for DailyMotion. You will need to do as describe in the WordPress FAQ for inserting a DailyMotion, up until they say to take the code out, for my plugin, all you need is the web address that looks like the following: Just stick that link in and click insert.

Once it’s inserted into the blog entry it will look like one of these:

YouTube – The Mysterious Cities of Gold – full opening theme

The Mysterious Cities of Gold – 01 – Esteban, Child Of The Sun – Google Video

It’s when it gets published that the video will be shown. Later on, depending on how popular the plugin becomes, I do have something in mind to give the blogger a better idea of what their post will look like with the video in.

This plugin also marks the first plugin to use my new installer process. Before, the installer would place the plugin in C:\Program Files\Windows Live Writer\Plugins. This is no longer the case. All my plugin installers will be changing to the new folder structure, which will be C:\Program Files\ScottIsAFool\<PluginName>\<PluginName>.dll. But don’t worry, this will still automatically get loaded with Writer without the file being dropped into the Plugins folder. I’ll do another post when all the plugins have been moved over to the new installer with further instructions as you will need to uninstall or remove any previous versions.

Anyway, download Insert Video Jnr from Windows Live Gallery.