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Insert Wikipedia Link Plugin

It’s been a while since I released a full plugin (I have done a couple of simple ones for people in the Live Writer Forums), but I have a new one that’s just been approved on Live Gallery. It’s called Insert Wikipedia Link, and does exactly what it says on the tin. The idea came for the plugin when I was looking at some of Steve Clayton’s older posts and noticed that he put a lot of Wikipedia links in them, so I figured there should be a quick way of putting those links in.


The plugin is easy to use, and uses a similar technique to my I’m Feeling Lucky plugin. There are two ways of using it, you can either highlight some text that you want to point to Wikipedia and click on the Insert Wikipedia Link from the plugin list and that will automatically (by default) create a Wikipedia link from the text you’ve highlighted.

The other way of doing it is from the GUI. If you have nothing highlighted, click the Insert Wikipedia Link and you will get the following:

Just type the text in and you will be given the Wikipedia link automatically:

Click on Insert and it will put the link in for you.


There’s only one option for this plugin, and that’s whether to display the GUI when you have highlighted some text:

So with that option enabled, if you highlight some text and click the plugin link, it won’t automatically create the link, it will put the highlighted text into the GUI and show you the Wikipedia link it’s going to put in, which you can edit by changing the text.

As always, comments and feedback to wlm[at] or leave a comment.

Source code:


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