Insert Video Source Code Released!

In a decision I have been mulling over for quite some time now, I have finally decided to release my Insert Video plugin’s source code. The reason I hadn’t released it before was because of the amount of time and effort I had put into making the plugin, it was my pride and joy, and I wasn’t comfortable releasing all my hard work so freely, call it selfish if you will, I don’t care .

If I’m honest though, the main reason I have released this isn’t so people can see how I made the plugin, but to be able to add to it themselves. I have a number of projects that I’m working on at the moment and just don’t have the time to maintain the plugin, to add in the video sites that people are requesting. So I figured if the source code is out there, the community themselves can actually update and build the plugin themselves with added sites.

Now, I will warn any enthusiast that wants to look at the code, it’s not clean, this was mainly written about 18 months ago and I was still very much finding my feet when it came to programming, having just got back into it again. There are virtually no comments, if any at all. My logic, whilst seemingly logical to me, might escape others and have them scratching their head thinking "what the f…". I don’t blame you, I actually had the same problem when I did the last update . But, I’m more than happy to help people out in trying to decipher the code, and if they do have any problems, then please feel free to raise a new discussion post and I will help out in there. You can email me if you really need to, but I am requesting that the discussions be held within the discussions section on CodePlex, this is mainly so that others can see the questions and answers.

So, go over to the source code now on CodePlex:


Whilst writing this I was listening to Oasis10 Cigarettes & Alcohol

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